The first “cinematic installation” to happen at the BNDES Foyer inside Cinemateca Brasileira. A visual experiment that will take you through a relaxed journey of nature images, where the carefully crafted analogical instruments of Lolo and Sosaku, the matemathically wooven backgrounds of Sebastien Preschoux and Objeto Amarelo’s amalgama of sound distortions will amplify the projected images, and will take you to a new dimension of story telling.

The Plot: A japanese scientist travels the world in a desperate search for the “heartbeat” of things. In one of his many travels around the world, and when all hope is almost lost, he finds an unusual pattern in all his field recordings which changes his perspective on life, and all objects that surround him.

Artists: Lolo & Sosaku Miyazaki, Sebastien Preschoux, Objeto Amarelo

Cinemateca Brasileira Sao Paulo
Ministerio da Cultura

Photos by Fernando Cavalcanti