At each stage the gravitational forces and the forces toward the outside makes structure changes.A set of elements occupying a space and having similar properties arising from their similar structure

-- "..On August 15, 1977 at 11:16 p.m., the Big Ear radio telescope received a radio signal of unknown origin for exactly 72 seconds from the eastern part of the constellation Sagittarius and reaching an intensity 30 times higher than background noise."
The fact of citing this event is a tool with which I can begin to describe the great and immense installation of the artists duo Lolo and Sosaku.
Disturbing, hermetic, intriguing, the mysterious atmosphere escapes from the exhaustive understanding of the viewer.
The repetitive movements of the works, the different velocities of their movements and the severe sound they generate in their contact with the ground, relegating us to be mere visual witnesses of the communication between them, an eternal group dance that never repeats itself . As we immerse ourselves in this universe and let ourselves be carried away by the glitter of metal and liquid and its reflections, we are invaded by the sensation of not belonging to this place, the perfect forms of the works, all equal, brilliant, think of ways of extraterrestrial lives or imaginary beings that we do not fully understand.

恒星 在每个阶段,由于重力与外向力的作用,作品都会产生结构变化。

Lolo & Sosaku presents Stellar an expansive installation on the 3th floor of Tower A,
Situated in No. 56 Wenchuang Yuan, 80 Tong Yuan Road, SIP, Suzhou, China.